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Introduction to Digital drawing page:

My digital drawings page, want to be the other side of my passion, Digital way! When drawing on digital way, you have the chance to deal with a layering aproach drawing and paintings with the unfergettable most valuable thing in the digital world, which is ctrl+z ! (:

I want to mention that I’ve been always asked for the best software in painting and also which brushes I use and brush or maybewhich presets I use, texture brushes and so on and so forth, and the truth is, that neither of those things are really a key to succeed in your drawings. Digital painting softwares won’t make your art looks great because of you use photoshop, or painter, or manga Studio , etc, .What it will make us all better in anything we want to do is related on constancy and practice and over all face errors as a normal things to happen by the way.

Aleix L.

Tom Sawyer

Anyway, here we are with one of my first drawings I digitally have done, fully from sckratch.
I'll show some new ones also, but for now, I do post this 3 years old digital painting done exclusively to join a contest which one wanted us to represent a piece of Tom Sawyer’s text.

Hope you like it!

"He entered a dense forest, there he ventured to the middle without following any footsteps and sat on a patch flabby under a huge oak. There is not a blade of air blowing; Deadly midday heat had even silenced birdsongs. Nature was immersed in a silent ecstasy, broken only by the occasional distant hammering of woodpeckers, and this was still more silence and penetrating deeper feeling of loneliness. The soul of the boy drowned in a deep melancholy feelings perfectly suited to the outskirts. He spent a lot of time sitting with his elbows on his knees, his chin in his hands, engrossed. It seemed to him that life was, after all, a hassle, and there is nothing which God envied Jimmy Hodges, who died recently. It must be nice, I thought, lying, being asleep and dream forever, forever, with the wind whispering through the trees and caressing the grass and the flowers on the grave, with nothing mattered nothing that the worry forever anymore."
The Adventures of Tom Sawyer by Mark Twain.

Title: Tom Sawyer
I used a wacom Intuos 3 and photoshop&painter .
I did used textured brushes for the grass and background but all the rest was done playing only with a circle and square brush, nothing fancy!

The Pianist

This next digital painting is representing the panic of having the almost entire theater on ur back while doing your final and most expected piece to hear. You feel you can't fail... ):

Title: the pianist
I used a wacom Intuos 3 and photoshop&painter .
Concentration, expectation, no chance to fail !

Robinson Crusoe tribute

In the Illustration classroom we were asked to draw some panels for a certain graphic novel and I did robinson's crusoe one.
I had a fragment of the novel text file which I tried to feel as much as I could to describe what I was seeing in my mind.

TEXT Robinson crusoe Catalan language :Robinson Crusoe naufraga durant un viatge en vaixell i és arrossegat fins a una illa deserta, on viurà 28 anys. La por al desconegut envaeix el mariner, que es construeix un refugi per defensar-se dels enemics i inicia un viatge de descoberta d'ell mateix, Déu i de la geografia insular.

Translating to English (google-translator&me together): Robinson Crusoe is shipwrecked during a boat trip and is dragged to a desert island, where he lived 28 anys.The fear of the unknown surrounds the sailor, who built a shelter to fend off enemies and begins a journey of discovery of himself , God and of the island's geography.

Title: Robinson Crusoe rutine walk
Art Suplies: Digital tablet Intuos 3 with Manga studio soft.because of the feel of the inking proces.

I tried To understand the day by day of him there alone, exploring new ways around the island,being ready for the unexpected.

Title: "the observer"
I used a wacom Intuos 3 and photoshop&painter .
Aiming for a mix-style between the real looking bird on a and cartoony sky (on the very far there's "la seu" , a church located in my town, Manresa (on the about me label on menu is a description and real photos of it)

Title: "Magic Rabbit"
I used my new brand wacom IntuosPro 5 and Manga studio 5&Photoshop .
This drawing comes from a pencil scketch of a random rabbit photo on google, so I scketched it up in 10 minutes and scanes it out to paint over it adding my touch&story to my rabbit.
His bodyhair is all grown with diferent colors of all diferent plants he eat, so he diggest what he is eating and appears a new peice of hair on his body due to the color of the meal!
Hope you like it! (will be available soon in diferent suports : framed artwork, t-shirtsd, pillows, phonecases.. etc, so be tuned in!)

Title: "dreams are around"
I used my wacom IntuosPro 5 and Manga studio 5&Photoshop .
With the idea of doing something special for the 2015 new year celebration, i did this piece entirely from scratch in my digital workflow without previous idea of what it was gonna be at the end.
I ended up thinking with my own goals in this new year where the dreams that im fighting for seems to be more close than ever , so it must be a good year to cach that dreams in a singular way :)
I wish you all a great and happy new year!

"PizzaKlam  advertisement"
I used my wacom IntuosPro 5 and Manga studio 5 to draw it in pixels & Adobe Illustrator CS6 to vectorize it .
They asked me to do an advertizement of their services giving me the freedom to show them the way I wanted , so I tried to think about the family (dad and son), the delivery aspect of the pizzas to your home (pizza delivery guy on the left side) and the guy showing the packaged pizza to pick up in the restaurant itself.
The artwork is done in inking way with solid colors to help the fact that this is showed after on the newpaper as an advertisemnt (CMYK).

Pizzaklam advertisement on the newpaper! ^_^

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