Drawing processes

My drawing proces

I want to start this section here  in the process drawing place, saying that most times when i draw i forget to do a snapshot cause of excitement i get when i'm on it, so, I wish I could say I have been doing snapshots of all of my drawings, but I never did since not so long ago. Anyway, I'm glad you take a look at it, and hope you look at it and coment&share if want to, i will apreciate any kind of feedback, allways opened for advises!

The Lion Statue Interpretation

This opening section I will start showing one of those luky times time ago when I did photographed my drawing while working on it. I say luk about that cause i wasn't expecting me doing that show up on the internet some time ago, not because i didnt want it, but because i wasn't ready enough I guess.. ;)

So, this "Lion statue" (which is actually a real statue) comes, from a photofraph seen on the "google animal research" that I usually do to get inspired sometimes or maybe to learn more about what i want to draw so searching info is a must many times.

First photo of the drawing process. I actually very progressed but ... as mentioned this wasn't planned to happen! ^_^¡

second photo of the hairs drawing process;had SO much fun with that hair interpretation, I love curves !.

This is the final drawing (but i'll ver admit it as it's finished,... dunno why...), with the photograph  from I've been drawing from.
I didn't wanted to copy exactly the whole thing. I used the photo for reference in anatomical features and composition study was a fun so I followed the line Until hair...came. That organic shaping curvy hair, inspired me to flow more with imagination than referencing.

Title: "beaten"
Art Suplies: Graphite pencils on a scketching surface medium grain A4 paper ( 100lbs/ 220 gsm)
Drawing between reference and imagination...

My 3 step processed chiken

scketching traditionally> Scan> Digitally painted

On the drawing section I showed a chicken done in graphite pencils. That chicken , after finishing it I decided to scan it and aply some rough paint on it aplying some texture paper also on it as a layer mode. The result was that:

STEP 1: Chicken drawn with graphite pencils.

STEP 2:Scan&Import it to PS to paint it out digitally with my wacom tablet,but this time in an abstractly way; thinking more in the color side and forgetting about lines and restrictions.

STEP 3: Chicken painted in PS.

"The Magical rabbit" process

scketching traditionally> Scan> Digitally painted

STEP 1: Rabbit drawn with graphite aquarelable pencils.
Was really nice and fast way to get a rough scketch to build our Magic future Rabbit over it, so not worring about lines or dirty at all, just trying to get a sense of the anatomical features to get an idea of what the limits are.

STEP 2: I have scanned the drawing and i did just started painting over it until I've got satisfied enough about the story of the rabbit, whicjh as I explained on the Digital drawings tab on this blog where i also had put it inside as a finished piece, I was trying to explain what a Magic rabbit hair means, which is all about eating food an absorving also the color of the food, which it just gets grown as that color in his hairbody which the whole entire body conforms the whole eating history of him.

"The Jumper" process

scketching + developing values  and rendering traditionally  with

graphite pencils

1 - Idea : Fast scketch using aquarelable graphite pencils in a small DIN-A5 aquarelable surface paper.
2 -Developing values : In the middle of the process of developing the fundamentals of value and tone with graphite pencils in the final surface paper :350 grs/m2.

3 -Rendering :Fine retouching over the fundamentals allready done in the previous step. I must say it can be even more rendered but... this time i was aiming for a decent rendered drawing for a forward colored and more rendered version wich will be updated soon : I will scan and render it even more with colors in a digital medium with a painting software and my digital wacom tablet.

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