dijous, 16 d’octubre de 2014

W E L L C O M E  ...  TO MY BLOG!

The Aiming of THIS BLOG!

First of all I want to thank you for your visit ! :D
Here you will find my drawings and paintings, both traditional way aswell digital paintings and 3D modelling and rendering works. Beasides that there's a sketches tab where i've added some of my scketches or warmups that i usually do while getting my hand ready for drawing.
Here on blogger you will find the same content as my website but not as good resolution images that my website host can manage, but on the other hand there it won't explain nothing on images, so it only will happen here on blogger!
Also all the video from events of me drawing or interesting videos from other interesting artists.
By the way, in order to grow up as an illustrator, feedback is needed and appreciated so please feel free to leave your comments, I will much appreciate! :)